How to clean and maintain Vinyl Flooring

How to clean and maintain Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is not only stylish and simple to install, they’re also easy to clean and maintain giving you an easy life, healthy and hygienic residential or commercial space.

The wear layer fused with a lamination process in the production of Vinyl Flooring are to make it even more resistant for stains as well as needing the minimum of cleaning and regular maintenance.

It comes as no surprise when many use the known conventional cleaning methods used when cleaning ceramic, porcelain, stone or wood flooring, when cleaning vinyl flooring. For example mopping daily with a lot of detergent.

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl tiles or vinyl flooring is a type of multi-layered synthetic flooring made from plastic materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride) & SPC (stone plastic composite), Vinyl flooring typically comes in planks, tiles or sheets that can then be assembled. A core layer, potentially with an underlay or backing, makes up the bulk of the vinyl. Over this is an image layer, which can mimic a multitude of materials including wood and stone flooring. A top wear layer of varying thickness protects the sublayers from damage.

How to clean and maintain Vinyl Flooring

To keep the vinyl floors looking as good as the day it was laid, here’s what to do:

Remove dust with broom/brush or vacuum cleaner to avoid buildup of dust or dirt and to make it easier to maintain your floors.


Once a week clean with a dry mop, warm water and neutral detergent or vinegar to remove dirt and keep the tiles in good condition.


– Please do not walk or use the newly installed area for 24hrs after installation to allow the vinyl to bond perfectly with the adhesive
– In the instance where the installed area will not be used immediately, or locked up air tight after 24hrs, kindly allow ventilation in the area for up to 3 days
– Remember, you don’t need a lot of water and detergent to clean your vinyl floors.


Removing stains on Vinyl Flooring

Treat stains immediately! Clean from the outside of the stain towards its center, then clean and wipe with fresh water.
– Ink, tomato, blood stains or rust can be removed by putting warm water diluted alcohol or vinegar directly on the stain for few minutes without scrubbing, then rinse after with water.
– Pen and marker stains are easily cleaned by rubbing with a little white spirit on cloth and clean well with water.


Make sure there’s adequate ventilation during and after cleaning to aid quick drying, The sooner you remove stains from the vinyl tiles the better!


Extra tips for extra care;

– Place protective pads under heavy furniture legs.
– Avoid rubber bottoms on object resting on your vinyl tiles, it may cause staining.
– Use door mats at entrance ways to prevent dirt or dust from being brought inside, this makes cleaning easier, about 80% of dirt can be stopped there.
– Clean your vinyl floors with natural, soft or neutral detergents.
– Do not drag sharp objects on your vinyl tiles, you may cause permanent indent markings.


Do not clean vinyl tiles with;

– Abrasive powders
– Black soaps
– Acetone or solvents
– Wax or Varnish
– Oil-based products
– Steam cleanser


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